Types of Baby Cribs – Finding the Right Crib for Your Baby

With so many different kinds of cribs in the market today, it is easy for to-be parents to become confused about the right item to buy. Nowadays, you can find anything from simple and standard cribs to really beautiful luxury baby cribs. The choices for parents are endless when it comes to buying cribs. So, access to good information before the shopping trip can be helpful.

Here’s more on the types of cribs and finding the right one for your baby.

Types of Cribs

Standard Cribs

Standard, regular, or classic cribs are quite popular due to their sturdiness and simple designs. Such cribs contain four sides with slats. The sides are fixed and there are rarely any additional features in standard cribs. But you will get your choice of materials, colors, and perhaps even sizes if you customize the crib.

Due to its non-convertible feature, standard cribs are usually lightweight. But yes, its weight will ultimately depend on the material used to construct it.

Standard cribs are ideal for you if you plan to use a toddler bed for your little one. Babies can easily use standard cribs until the age of two. Then you will need to switch them to a bigger bed. If not then there are other crib options for you as well. If you plan to have more than one child, you can easily use a standard crib for the new baby. Cribs from good brands can last for generations. So, you can even pass one along in your family.

Convertible Cribs

Convertible cribs (or lifetime cribs or 3-in1-cribs) are designed for convenience. You can convert one into a toddler bed or a single bed; even a twin-sized bed. The design of convertible cribs is usually that of a standard crib.

Convertible cribs are perfect for you, if you don’t wish to buy new beds, as the sleeping needs of your child changes with age. If you are not planning to have more than one child then a convertible crib is the perfect fuss-free solution for you.

Buying convertible cribs can also be cost-effective for you. You may, however, need to pay a bit more upfront than a standard crib. But since you won’t need to buy a bed for your child again for a long time, it can turn out to be a good solution.

When buying a convertible crib, choose a design that won’t look dated over the years. Opt for soothing colors that are beyond the décor trends such as bold hues, neon shades, etc.

Multipurpose Cribs

Multipurpose cribs are suitable for those with a limited nursery space. Buying one is also perfect if you do not wish to buy an assortment of different furniture for the nursery. These are also known as multifunctional cribs or combination cribs.

Such cribs come with extra storage, a changing table, or even a dresser. Most often; multipurpose cribs will contain a changing table and perhaps a drawer or two.

You can approach companies that make customized cribs to add features as per your needs and desires. You can add drawers to the changing table or use the additional space for storage only. Multipurpose cribs with drawers under the crib may add more stability to it.

To purchase the perfect multipurpose crib, it is best to order a customized one. You can order the features that you like. You can even choose the size of the drawers. For instance, it is best to choose three smaller drawers than only one large one. Multiple drawers will help you organize your baby’s stuff more neatly.

Other Points to Note

 If you don’t like standard cribs in the market, you can always opt for customized solutions. Choose reputed companies that will custom-built the item as per your desires – be it with simple and non-fuss designs or luxury baby cribs.

 When finalizing a crib, do not only look for the features and the pricing. Check the various items for toughness, balance, and sturdiness.

 Opt for soothing colors and safe materials when buying cribs.