Tips to Select Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer

The milk bottles that your little one depends on for nutrition for a major part of his initial months, can also act as a carrier of diseases and infections if not cleaned and sterilized properly. The problem is that even tiny traces of milk left behind in the bottle can cause bacteria build up, which can result in infections. The only way you can protect your baby from such infections is by sanitizing these bottles well.

Your little one has still not developed the immunity that you possess and is more prone to infections during the first year. While milk and formula contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients that helps your infant grow, but they also create a breeding ground for bacteria, which can be harmful for your baby’s health. Therefore, buying the right kind of bottle sterilizer for the wellbeing of your baby is your best choice. Baby bottle sterilizer destroys all sorts of harmful bacteria in the bottles and makes them safe and sterile for use. Following are some tips that will help you select the best bottle sterilizer for your baby:

• If you usually sterilize a single bottle at a time, then it is advisable that you buy a special sterilizing bottle for microwave sanitizing, instead of investing in a whole sterilizing unit. However, you shouldn’t sterilize normal bottles this way as certain areas can be left unsterilized and can cause infections.

• Opt for a sterilizer that can accommodate both normal and wide-necked bottles, so that you can get more flexibility to choose either variety according to your choice and suitability with the baby.

• If you are buying a cold-water sterilizer, then make sure that it has a strong and durable handle. This is because this type of sterilizer becomes very heavy and bulky to move when filled with water.

• Buy a sterilizer that comes with a tray, which can hold small nipples, etc. A pair of tongs also comes in handy for picking up sterilized equipment.

• If you are a regular bottle feeder, then invest in a large sterilizer, which can accommodate more bottles at one time to make your job easier.

• You can also buy a sterilizer that can hold sippers and bowls as well. These sterilizers will come handy even in the weaning stage.

• Some sterilizers offer the dual sterilization option to offer more flexibility. For instance, a single sterilizer can allow both microwave and cold water sterilization and can even be used when away from the house.

• A travel sterilizer is also a good option. It is smaller in size and also weighs less, which makes it more handy and convenient for holidays.

So, keep these tips in mind while buying a sterilizer for your baby so that you can get best baby bottle sterilizer for your little one.