Infant and Child Health Tips from Top Pediatric Consultants

But helping your child reaching every milestone in robust good health, as you did during your growth life-cycle, is the parents’ responsibility.

In this section, we will focus on infant’s and child’s hygiene & health tips for parents from Top Paediatric Consultants all around the USA.

To maintain your bay’s robust good health, hygiene comes first.

Hygiene & Good Health

Hygiene is the key to good health for your baby. Here are some tips on how to keep your baby’s hygiene at its best.

Clean important body parts of your baby

You need to ensure the hygiene in place by taking daily care of your baby. Clean eyes, ears, nose, umbilical cord, teeth, and genitals. Clean gently once a day. Use warm water and a cotton ball.

Bathing comfort

Bath your baby with utmost safety and comfort. Let it be fun! Use lukewarm water in a baby bathtub or shower. Some toddlers’ fear of the bath can be a challenge for you. Get tips to help your child overcome the fear.

Nail trimming & cutting

Trimming and cutting nails by making the baby least conscious about the activity. The best time would be when the baby is drowsy or sleeping.

Check poo & wee for early symptoms

Looking at poo and wee is the best way to check a baby’s health. For example, watery poo can be a symptom of Diarrhoea and hard poo implies constipation.

Nappy hygiene to prevent rash

Use a cloth and disposable nappies. Change nappies after cleaning baby’s bottom. Use a fresh nappy to avoid nappy rash.

Dental care to prevent early tooth decay

Dental Hygiene starts with the first teeth. Take utmost care to brush your teeth and clean tiny gums. Tooth decay is quite common among children.

Dressing up your baby

Dress up your baby soft baby clothes. Keep them warm while sleeping with enough clothes. Take safety precautions to protect your baby/child from UV exposure and sunburn causing skin damage.

Massage to create bonding

Gently massage your baby with soft hands with smooth slow strokes. It creates bonding with parents.

After all good care, your baby or child may fall sick. Keep information about urgent care for Paediatrics near me for finding a physician if the need arises. Don’t try your baby’s medications or based on hearsay or neighbor’s advice.

Immunization to keep virus and bacteria at bay

Ensure you have done mandatory immunization to protect your baby from infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses caused sickness. You may face serious health concerns for your child between 0-3 years. Fever, cold, middle ear infection, smoking-caused illness, swimming pool or waterborne diseases, circumcision can cause serious childhood illness.

Allergy and Intolerances

Know beforehand about your child’s allergy and intolerances. Allergies can be of two kinds, food, and non-food allergies. Your baby may display symptoms in poo for food intolerance and lactose intolerance.

Parental Best Practices

Once you take good care of your baby’s hygiene, it is time to move on to healthy parenting choices.

Breastfeeding choice

The recommended way to create a bond and keep your baby healthy is by breastfeeding. It has all the natural nutrients your baby needs. Breastfeeding is difficult. You need a lot of dedication, devotion, and patience. You need healthy food habits. Consult urgent care for pediatrics near me in case you face any complications during breastfeeding.

Feed your child with natural food

Provide your child with natural food as opposed to processed food. Feed your child with fresh fruit and vegetables. Fibre-rich and whole-grain food like beans and leafy greens are best for growing a child.

Vitamin-rich food

All children need plenty of vitamins in foods to eat every day. Your child may not need multivitamins but you need to pack meals of vitamin-enriched food for them.

Summing Up

There are a few factors to keep in mind. Don’t compel your child to follow a clean plate rule. Make a habit for them to exercise for at least 60 minutes. The skin of your baby is delicate. Protect their skin from UV exposure. More important is to take care of a clean and healthy smile which most kids are reluctant to brush twice or eat food that causes tooth decay.

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