Why Should You Use Purified Water for Babies?

Babies are tender and contain very little immunity. Till the first 12 months, it is always suggested that mother’s milk be their prime food. Formulae food and other forms of food are introduced gradually after 6 months of age. In this process, it is important to use purified water for babies.

As a parent, you must have been using tap water, boiled and cooled for your baby. The notion that the water is safe for your baby must have been affixed in your mind. Well, that could be true to an extent. But do you know? There are many aspects that you need to understand why you should use purified water for your babies.

As we move on, we will delve into the reasons why you should use purified water for babies.

1. Purified water balances mineral density

Tap water contains minerals and salts at unregulated levels. Because of this, though you boil and filter the water, you might eliminate bacteria, but salts remain untouched. When you add this water to your baby’s food, there can be an imbalance in the number of minerals that you are feeding your baby with. Thus, using purified water for your baby’s feed is a way to ensure that mineral balance is met.

2. Purified water is free of pathogens

As a part of its preparation, purified water undergoes many stages of filtration, heat treatment, and quality check. This ensures that the water is fully free of pathogens. The presence of pathogens such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria in water can upset your baby’s stomach. They can cause diarrhea and vomiting. So, purified water keeps us away from all such possibilities.

3. Purified water is easy to carry

Branded high quality purified water is available in many sizes. They are easy to carry while traveling. With them in your handbags, you can stay assured about the food and water needs of your baby, in any new place.

4. Purified water enriches the taste of your baby food

Taste plays an important role in appeasing your baby’s taste buds. As purified water is free of salts and unwanted minerals, your baby’s food tastes so good that they will fall in love with the food prepared with it every single time.

5. Purified water is soft on your baby’s stomach

In its making, the purified water undergoes many stringent processes to make it suitable for babies. The purified water contains nothing that your baby’s body does not require. Food prepared with purified water is light on your little one’s tummy and is easily digestible. This means, no crying baby due to indigestion anymore!

6. Purified water assures peace of mind

As parents, we always give prime importance to our baby’s health. Any slightest inconvenience or trouble to them can dampen our spirits. We can never see a baby crying for unknown reasons. Purified water aids in digestion, thus eliminating troubles for babies and mothers too. Additionally, mothers can stay assured that the baby has purified water in the reach while traveling. They need not go in search of trusted water sources for babies when they are on outings. With its perfect balance of minerals and health aiding aspects, purified water is a trusted source for mothers in many ways.

Tips to buy purified water

• Always select a good brand of purified water. The cost maybe a little high compared to the counterparts, but in the end, they are worth it.

• The market has many brands of purified water. Read the label of the bottle before purchasing. For any further suggestions on the selection of a brand of purified water, always take the advice of your pediatrician.

• Choose small-sized bottles that come in handy when traveling. This way, you can have fresh water all the time, and your bag weighs light too.

• Take the opinion of your friends, neighbors, and other mothers who have used purified water for their babies. You can get much useful information from mothers who are experienced in its usage.


Purified water is gentle for babies. It is healthy in terms of mineral levels, and the absence of pathogens. Choosing purified water is an easy way to assure good health and tasty food for your little one.