Which Baby Bottle is the Best for Colic?

Colic is a very common problem in infants. It is characterized by incessant crying for hours or days on end. The cause of colic is really not known. But indigestion and consuming food with trapped air inside it can cause pain and discomfort in the tummy. The pain can become unbearable and cause babies to cry and fuss. You can use the best anti colic bottles available in the market today to reduce the chances of colic in your baby.

Consider the following features to choose the best anti-colic bottle for your baby.

Main Features

Air Vents

The vent system in anti-colic bottles helps to remove air from the food. The vents help the milk to easily pass through the nipple and to separate the air from the formula. It then lowers the chances of your baby ingesting air with the food; reducing the instances of colic.

Silicone Nipples

The best anti-colic bottles will come with nipples closely resembling the natural shape of a woman’s nipples. Your baby should be comfortable to use. It is easier for babies to latch onto silicone nipples closely resembling a woman’s nipple shape.

When buying the best anti-colic bottle; look for different kinds of nipple flow options. The slow flow is right for newborns. Medium and fast flow nipples are optimal for babies in the age range of 3-6 months. Sippy spout is perfect for babies a year older or more. You should be able to buy the nipples separately as per your requirements.


One revolutionary design in anti-colic bottles is the blender fitted inside them. You can blend the cereal or the formula inside the bottle itself to make it smoother and less prone to causing gas in babies. When you blend food inside the bottle, it helps to remove air from it. When the blender is combined with a vent system; the result is a superior anti-colic bottle.

When you shake the milk or the formula, you automatically create air bubbles inside it. Mixing the formula with a spoon or spatula doesn’t really make it smooth enough for babies to consume the food comfortably. Blending the food is ideal as it doesn’t create air bubbles. The blended food is smoother to consume and helps babies feed comfortably without spit-ups and risk of indigestion.

The blender feature also makes it easier to feed your child. You don’t need to use a separate blender in addition to the feeding bottle. It can help you save time otherwise spent on cleaning the blender. The mixing of the food is also superior when you use the blender inside the anti-colic bottle.

You can even blend the stored breast milk using the blender in the anti-colic bottles. When you store breast milk, the fat separates from the liquid. Such layers make it difficult for babies to consume stored breast milk. You can simply blend it in the bottle before feeding it to your baby without worrying about air bubbles or the milk’s inconsistency.

Other Features

Safe Material

When choosing the best anti-colic bottle for your baby, you certainly can’t compromise on its material quality. It is best to choose bottles made with non-toxic and completely safe materials. When looking for the bottles to buy, ensure the material doesn’t contain any phthalates (chemical added to plastics or PVC), PVC (a thermoplastic), or BPA (a type of industrial chemical). 

If you are buying the anti-colic bottle online, you can find information about the product easily on the suppliers’ or manufacturers’ websites.

Easy-to-Hold Handles

Eventually, babies will want to hold the bottles themselves. So, choose a bottle with easy-to-hold handles. You should also be able to adjust the handles as per the comfort of your child. You should be also able to buy the handles separately.

Comfortable Shape

The bottle itself must be easy to hold even without the handles. The bottle should be easy to grip and it shouldn’t be slippery when grasped.


The best anti-colic bottles will be available in at least two different sizes. You should be able to buy the size more suited to your requirements.