What are the Benefits of Using Distilled Water for Preparing Baby Formula?

If your child is over six months old, you’re probably considering giving them formula. Now, the formula needs to be mixed with water, and not just any water will do. You need to be careful when it comes to the kind of water used. For years, concerned parents have raised questions about the safety of using boiled water or bottled water in baby formula. One thing is for certain: do not add just any water to the formula, make sure the water quality is good before giving it to your baby. A baby’s developing body can only handle so much.

Distilled Water For Baby Formula

Distilled water has undergone the process of distillation, a means of purifying water. During this process, water is boiled and then cooled back to its original state. This process is believed to remove potential contaminants such as heavy metals and inorganic minerals from the water. Needless to say, this is the best form of water you can include in baby formula.

Benefits of Using Distilled Water In Baby Formula

Now let us go over some of the health benefits of choosing distilled water in the baby formula over other kinds of water.

1. The purest form of water

We have already established that distilled water is the purest form of water you can use in preparing baby formula: it is clear of chlorine, and various other harmful chemicals we cannot see. Since water is boiled to a very high temperature, there is essentially the very little risk of the baby being exposed to harmful chemicals. Therefore, in a way, distilled water is the safest form of water for preparing baby formula.

2. Avoiding chlorine

A chemical used to keep water safe and clean for consumption, chlorine is something we’re all familiar with. If you’ve spent time swimming in public pools, you are probably well acquainted with the smell of chlorine, too. While it does a good job killing harmful bacteria in water, it is a dangerous combination with certain other compounds in water, capable of creating harmful carcinogenic chemicals. Needless to say, that is not something you want to expose your baby to: so, stick to chlorine-free distilled water for formula.

3. Prevent water-borne diseases

Bacterial and parasitic infections can be reduced severely by consuming distilled water. Did you know that many infants are diagnosed with water-borne diseases due to impure water consumption? This may be the water used for preparing baby formula as well and must be avoided at all times. A growing baby must be presented with the safest options, especially something as essential as water. That said, you may want to bathe your infant in distilled water also, as exposing them to tap water also makes them prone to all kinds of water-borne diseases. Make baby formula with distilled water to prevent this from happening.

4. Improves health and appearances

Now even though appearances are not something we associate with babies, but there’s no denying the fact that distilled water helps promote smooth skin and shiny hair (this applies to anyone consuming distilled water). You may want to change the water you’re bathing in to improve the health of your hair and skin. Likewise, for your baby, you’re ensuring that they have naturally smooth and soft skin and hair. Stick to distilled water for making baby formula, and use it for your consumption too.

5. Aids digestion

As stated earlier, the process of distillation eliminates the inorganic and harmful pollutants and minerals from water that can cause potential harm to your body. By switching to distilled water, you and your family are making sure that your digestive tract and other organs are functioning smoothly while absorbing the vitamins and minerals you require the most. Make a safe and positive environment for your infant to grow in, one where he/she can avoid potential health risks.

6. Combats health risks

If your infant is insensitive to light, has headaches or eczema, you might want to check the environmental factors affecting this. One of the main culprits is often unclean water, which is why it is so important to stick with distilled water for baby formula. After you switch to distilled water for consuming, bathing, and cooking, you will notice the difference in your household.

…Do not risk the chance of your infant developing dangerous diseases because you were ignorant!