Top Five Advantages of a Baby Bottle Maker

You have recently welcomed your bundle of joy home. You prepped for their entry into your lives months in advance; however, any amount of prep fails to fully cover this roller coaster. With work and other responsibilities, new parents, or new parents with older children, are often crushed under the stress and demands of caring for a newborn. The stress and the race against time result in blunders in their child’s care. Blunders that could have been completely avoided with the aid of the right assistance and guidance.

A baby bottle maker is the ultimate aid that new parents miss in their lives.

What is a baby bottle maker?

As a new parent, you must be more than acquainted with the process of burping your baby. Post-meals, parents pat the backs of their babies with the intent to dispel the accumulated uncomfortable gas in their stomachs. However, knowing why babies get gassy in the first place, means winning half the battle.

Due to lack of time and other distractions, parents often end up poorly mixing the baby formula. This poor mixing not only results in clumps of unmixed powder but also the culprit behind gassiness, air bubbles. When the baby swallows air bubbles present in their poorly mixed formula, they accumulate unpleasant gas, which makes them cranky and uneasy.

This is where a bottle maker rescues the day. Simply put, a bottle maker is a bottle with a mixer inside. This simplistic technology is revolutionary nonetheless. A baby bottle mixer allows parents to mix any formula milk with any kind of cereal easily, to create the perfect bottle for their baby.

A minimalist bottle maker is a boon for new parents in more than one way.

1.  Your baby will be more at ease.

As explained before, manually shaking the baby’s bottle introduces a countless amount of air into the liquid. Swallowing that much air makes the baby uncomfortable and prone to feeling gassy. Using a baby bottle mixer helps reduce the number of air bubbles by 60% and overall foaming by 70%. The lesser air your baby drinks, the more content it will feel post-meal. No more accumulation of excessive gas in their tummies.

2.  Welcome more ease and convenience

Whether you are mixing formula milk or breast milk with cereals, a baby bottle mixer will make the process smoother and more convenient. Look at it as yet another gadget that eases your life. All that a baby bottle maker demands is for you to plug it in, add the milk and cereal, and sit back. A modest bottle maker combines ease with efficiency, now you wouldn’t want to bid farewell to that combination, would you?

3.  Save the most limited resource, your time.

With manual shaking a thing of the past and eliminating the unwanted bubbles, you save some precious time of your day. That time could be spent cuddling with your baby, truly basking in the God-sent joy. Time is one thing that new parents want the most. Whether it is the time they may need to spend with each other or to spend with their newborn, a baby bottle maker gives them the gift of time.

4.  Prepare the best bottle each time.

With the help of a baby bottle maker, rest assured that you will be giving the best meal to your child—a well-mixed, comforting meal, which will not make your baby cranky and uneasy. Give your baby the best bottle—one with evenly distributed nutrients and reduced air bubbles.

5.  Ensure utmost hygiene for your baby.

There is another, in fact, more important, advantage of having lesser air bubbles in your baby’s meals. Reduced air bubbles ensure a cleaner and more hygienic bottle. When they manually shake a bottle, most parents risk the chances of exposing their babies to bacterial infections. Many parents are seen using a finger to keep the contents of the bottle from spilling, and that action serves as a gateway for impeding infection.

Umpteen advantages, one savior, baby bottle maker.