Things You Need to Know About Baby Bottle Mixer

The market is flooded with baby bottles and feeding products. As the parent of a tiny tot who needs feeding bottles, you probably would also have come across baby bottle mixers. If you are confused about what they are, how they work, or how they are better, read on.

What are baby bottle mixers?

Baby bottle mixers, as the name suggests, help you mix formula or liquids quickly and take away the pain associated with preparing baby bottles. Typically these are electrically-powered devices that mix formula and water or breastmilk, as required.

How is a mixer different?

During a typical formula or meal prep time for you baby, there is a lot of work that involved. Right from cleaning the bottles to measuring formula and water, and finally mixing them continuously for a few minutes till the milk is well-blended and smooth. All this requires time and effort, and can be extremely stressful with a fussy baby around. Also, if your baby is being formula fed exclusively, you will need to prepare bottles often and carry them around when on the move. A baby bottle mixer takes away a good part of the effort. All you need to do is add water and formula into the bottle, plug it into the device,and enjoy hands-free mixing time, which you can spend in a quality manner with your little one.

Why is a baby bottle mixer better?

Firstly, shaking a bottle with bare hands is time consuming and requires considerable effort. Secondly, the method is not foolproof, and when not done properly, can leave unmixed particles or lumps within the bottle. Such chunks of formula or meal cereals can clog the nipple and affect your baby when he is feeding from the bottle. Yet another concern is that when being shaken vigorously, the formula inside the bottle froths up, creating a large number of air bubbles. These bubbles make their way through the formula into your baby’s tummy causing gasiness, and in turn, colic. Baby bottle blenders, on the other hand, are designed with special blades and mixing actions that reduce frothing to a large extent. Many of these bottles also double up for feeding as well, meaning you can prepare the milk and feed your baby using the same bottle. So, no messy preparation and transfer.

Other features that make the blender a favorite

Baby bottle mixers also come with other features that make them a great product to own. Many formula blending bottles are designed to be portable. They contain rechargeable USB batteries with power level indicators that help you keep track of when the device needs its next charging. Plus, they are compact, easy to pack, and easy to use. This is a boon especially when you need to stay out of the house with your baby, or when you are on the move on a long travel.

Many bottle mixers also have added anti-colic features that help reduce gassiness and spit ups that occur post feeding sessions. One such feature is the bottom air vent that draws away air from the nipple as the baby feeds from the bottle. Another advantage with bottle mixers is that they help mix not just formula and water, but also breast milk and other baby food cereals. This is especially helpful for moms who pump breast milk and store it in bottles. Stored milk tends to separate into fat and water layers, which can easily be blended back into its original consistency with the help of a baby bottle mixer.

Most of the baby bottle mixers are also made with BPA, silicone, and phthalate-free plastic, making it safer to use for your baby. They also feature well-designed nipples that provide an easy latch, especially for babies who are making the switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. This helps make feeding time less fussy and more enjoyable for your baby.

Baby bottle mixers make formula preparation easier and hassle-free. The convenience and effectiveness that they offer in this regard makes feeding time better for you and your baby physically and emotionally. The blenders are great products to use at home as they are when you are on the move for an outing with friends and family or on a vacation to a faraway location.

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