Things You Have to Know About the Anti Colic Baby Bottles

The best anti-colic bottles will be ideal for your child’s feeding needs in every way. It will also be completely safe for your infant. Such bottles will contain features to actually reduce instances of colic in babies. Not every baby bottle is an anti-colic bottle.

Anti-Colic Features

Anti-colic bottles have air vents at the bottom of the bottle. These vents help in separating air from the food inside the bottle.

Colic is incessant crying in babies for days on end. It occurs due to discomfort in their tummies. Babies tend to gulp considerable amounts of air when they feed from bottles. The air gets trapped inside their tummies and cause them pain and discomfort. For this reason, babies need to be burped after each feed. But burping is not sufficient to remove air from babies’ tummies. Babies can throw up their entire meals if they gulp it too fast or when you are trying to burp them. It can lead to the loss of vital nutrients that you just fed your child.

When you use anti-colic bottles, most of the air gets separated from the food. The food passes more smoothly through the nipple.

Anti-colic bottles also feature a blender. The blender is fitted right inside the bottle; helping to smoothly blend the food. When you shake the bottle to mix the formula, air bubbles will form inside the food. If you use a spatula or a spoon to mix the food; air bubbles will still get inside the food. Blender inside an anti-colic bottle is designed to blend the food in the desired consistency that is ideal for infants.

You can use anti-colic bottles to blend stored breast milk also. Fats and liquid separate into layers when breast milk is stored. It can then become unpalatable for babies. The fat can also get stuck inside the nipples and interfere with your child’s feeding. Using the blender inside the bottle helps in making stored breast milk smoother again.

Safety Parameters

Anti-colic bottles are designed to be completely safe for babies. For this reason, such bottles are made with safe materials free that are from PVC, BPA, and phthalates.

Low quality plastic bottles can leech toxins into your baby’s food. So, it is important to choose anti-colic bottles made with non-toxic materials.

Other Features

Anti-colic bottles are designed factoring into babies’ comfort and convenience. There is no point in using an anti-colic bottle if it is not comfortable for your child.

The shape of the bottle is such that it is comfortable for the babies to hold it. The best anti colic bottles are designed for the tiny hands of the babies. You can even purchase additional handles if your child might be more comfortable holding the bottle using them. The handles slide up and down; so babies can adjust their hold on the bottles easily. The bottles are not slippery; enabling babies to feed without interruptions.

The nipple is made with silicone and its design closely resembles a woman’s breasts. It helps the babies to latch onto the nipples easily. You won’t need to coax your baby to feed through the bottle. Babies can suck on the nipple easily without any problems. Such nipples can be handy if your baby breastfeeds along with using the bottle too. If you wish to switch your baby to using only the bottle, the nipple’s shape helps with this transition rather smoothly.

Anti-colic bottles also come with nipples with different speed flows. Babies need to feed as per their age. Medium or large speed flows are not ideal for babies under 3-months old. Feeding too fast can also force air inside the tummies. You can even use a sippy cup attachment with anti-colic bottles for older kids.

Anti-colic bottles are rechargeable. You can see the charge left in it with the help of the battery indicator on the bottle. So, you can even carry it around when on the move. You won’t need to resort to using a traditional bottle on the go. You can use an anti-colic bottle for each and every feed of your child.

Anti-colic bottles are easy to use for parents and caregivers too.