The Facts, Benefits, and Concerns of Using Distilled Water for Babies Formula

Being parents is one of the most beautiful and exciting things in the world. And you always want the best for your baby and ensure that your baby is safe while taking every step of the way. Knowing how to make the formula and what kind of water to use in the baby formula is a critical task as your baby’s health is the concern here. But it is always recommended that distilled water for babies formula is one of the best choices that parents should make. This is because there are certain types of minerals and chemicals present in various types of waters that can affect the baby’s development of teeth.

Why should you use distilled water for babies’ formula?

The reason why the experts always recommend using distilled water for babies formula is that the water has gone through a heavy purification process, thus, it is considered as one of the safest options that you can use for your baby formula. The other types of water usually contain higher concentrations of fluoride over 0.7mg/l. though fluoride is essential for dental health, excess levels can lead to fluorosis while the development of teeth. Fluorosis is nothing but an appearance of discoloration on your baby’s teeth while they are developing. But this can leave a permanent mark.

Since distilled water is not hard as its magnesium and calcium levels are already removed in maximum capacity, the minerals are less than 17.1mg/l.


• No overdose

The vital aim of feeding formula to your baby is to give her all the nutrients that are required at that point in time. That is why you must keep in mind not to use anything other than distilled water. For instance, if you are using spring water, then it contains unlimited minerals and since your baby is already getting all the necessary minerals from the formula, this can lead to an overdose. That is my many parents opt for distilled water for babies formula.

• Easy while traveling

One of the best benefits of using distilled water for babies formula is that you can travel with ease. The water comes in sealed bottles which means that you can simply grab a few bottles depending on the number of days you are traveling and everything will be hassle-free for you and your baby. There are many companies out there who specially manufacture distilled water so that you do not have to do all the extra work at home. Being working parents, you must look at the convenience of certain things such as using distilled water for babies formula to aid you to live a stress-free life.

• Purest of all

Distilled water is undoubtedly the purest form of water as the process goes through anti-contamination attempts that include condensing, boiling, and steaming. This process also eliminates all the leftover impurities and transported them in such a way that water does not get contaminated. You must remember that tap water is just not safe for the baby formula and has various risks associated with it.

Concerns about using distilled water

You must keep in mind that using distilled water in babies formula will not cause any problems. But this shouldn’t be the only water your kid drinks once he starts to grow up. The reason behind this is that the distilled water is completely purified and does not contain all the necessary minerals like calcium and magnesium as other waters do. Therefore, make sure that as your baby is growing up you are ensuring that you are replacing the water so that your kid can get all the nutrients and fluoride through it.

The bottom line is that you must pick the water that benefits your baby’s health and is best for formula. Springwater or tap water is not recommended as it can lead to an overdose of minerals and even if you use any other water, make sure that you are boiling it before using it. Your baby should be safe and healthy and that is the only goal, you being a parent should have.

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