Luxury Baby Cribs – A Quick Guide for Parents

luxury baby cribs

‘Baby’ – The Most Important Part of a Parent’s life. Every parent has lots of dreams and plans for their babies and wants to provide them with everything perfect.

One such indispensable need for a baby is a baby crib. And the usefulness of baby cribs is unexplainable.

A crib is a bed designed especially for infants and toddlers with railings on all four sides to ensure the baby’s safety. There is an endless number of variety of cribs available at shopping platforms but the real challenge is to select the safest and suitable one.

Parents must check if the crib is manufactured according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. Let us have a look at some of the important guidelines before choosing a baby crib your love.

•  Side Bars: Make sure that the spacing between the bars should lie between 2-3/8” to ensure that your baby does not slip out from them. It is recommended to avoid cribs with cut-outs on headboards or footboards.

•  Corner posts: Check that the size of corner posts must not exceed 1/16th inch or else it can catch the baby’s clothes and lead to a huge accident.

•  Try to select bare ones: Better to avoid any kind of stuff toy or pillows attached to the crib at it can be a suffocating hazard for the infants. The only things that should be there in Crib should be a cloth sheet and waterproof sheet along with a swaddling blanket for winters.

•  Ease of cleaning: Look for the washable mattress and sheet which can be washed easily with regular laundry.

•  Hanging stuff: Make sure the hanging stuff should be at height, out of baby’s reach.

•  Mattress: Mattress should fit the crib perfectly without leaving any space at corners or sides. Check by putting fingers between the crib and the sides of the mattress, if your finger is passing easily, then it’s not the perfect one.

•  Finishing: Baby cribs are usually made up of woods. If you are selecting a wooden crib, make sure that its sides should not be pointed. Select a smooth and splinter-free crib. Look for the stability of hinges to understand its strength.

•  Height of Railing: Make sure the height of the side railings should be 26 inches above the mattress.

•  No to bumper pads: If you are also thinking that bumper pads are useful, then think again. These bumpers are nothing more than the suffocating hazards and as the baby becomes active, it can be used by him/her to climb and fall off from the crib.

Some basic Types of Cribs

1.  Standard Cribs: If you want to buy one crib and use for you present as well as future baby, then this is the best choice. These cribs are sturdy and long-lasting with a simple design and four fixed sides.

2.  Convertible Cribs: These cribs are life-long furniture for your baby. They can serve the purpose at many stages of your baby’s development like you can use them as a crib and then convert it into the side bed or toddler bed and when you think it’s safe for your baby to sleep alone on the bed, you can convert it to simple bed.

3.  Bassinets: Shortage of space? No worries, this one is for you. These require less space due to small size and they can be used as a rocker to calm your cranky baby. Mostly beneficial for the first few months.

4.  Travel cribs: These are best suited for parents who live away from their houses and need to travel frequently. These cribs are light-weighted and foldable.

5.  Mini Cribs: These cribs are again the solution for small apartment owner parents. This occupies less space and has all the features of a normal crib. These are best for up to 6 months of babies.

6.  Dust Stopper: It is better if you can find a crib that stops the dust. As the baby is delicate, she can easily get health issues due to dust. Make sure the luxury baby cribs should not allow dust inside.


Finalizing a crib is a tricky task. Parents need to consider lots of things before selecting them. It is important to choose wisely because your baby is going to spend most of the time in a crib. It should be super safe, durable, and highly comfortable for your baby.