How to Choose the Right Dance Studio For Your Child

If your kid is a dance enthusiast, you will encounter a difficult decision of choosing the best dance studio for your child. To most parents, all dance studios seem similar as they may not understand the difference in the learning experience that each studio offers.

There are numerous dancing studios in Miami. However, they all differ in the quality of dance instructions, hassle-free communication, and joyous dancing experience.

Before selecting a dance studio, you must look for these essential factors to choose the best dance studio for your kid.

1. Safety

Dancing is a physical activity that involves a lot of jumping, elevation, slides, etc. These movements can put a strain on the joints and back muscles of young learners.

These damages can become severe in the long run. As a parent, you will never want to put your child through anything that can be a threat to their wellbeing.

Dance shoes will not be able to provide the necessary support and cushioning to your child’s feet. Hence, the type of flooring is an essential determinant that ensures safety during dance lessons.

It is essential to choose a dance studio with a professional floating floor. A floating floor is a dance floor that rests on a system of high-density foam that is excellent for shock absorption caused due to jumping and other dance movements.

The top layer of the floor is equally important. A special vinyl mat called Marley is one of the most preferred choices for the top layer of the dance floor.

2. The quality of education

The quality of education offered by the dance studio is an essential factor to be considered before choosing a dance studio for your child. It depends on the experience of dance teachers and a well-defined curriculum for the dance studio.

Make sure that the dance studio follows a well-structured syllabus developed by a dance education specialist. A unified curriculum for the studio ensures that every student learns and realizes their highest potential.

The curriculum should consider age appropriateness and gradual improvements in dance capabilities. There should be a proper structure for each dance class that involves warm-ups and cool-down sessions. Also, there should be a system of monitoring every student’s performance to ensure skill development and performance improvement.

The dance teachers and mentors should be adequately qualified and impart the necessary support in a children’s learning process. The dance faculty should undertake continuous training to enhance their skills. This, in turn, will improve the quality of dance classes.

3. Dance competitions

Before you enroll your kids in a dance studio, it is essential to ask whether the studio participates in any dance competition? If yes, then which ones?

Performance in esteemed places can provide your children with the necessary exposure. It also develops their confidence and stage presence.

However, Studios that participate in numerous dance competitions try to focus on perfecting a single performance. This limits your child’s chances of learning new dancing skills.

Also, many studios charge the participating students for costumes, tickets, etc. All these can add to your expenses without any significant improvement in the learning experience.

4. Segregation of duties

Dance studios with highly qualified dance teachers can also suffer if there is no segregation between teaching and administration duties. A single person trying to manage both responsibilities will create unnecessary chaos and delays.

The teacher may handle administrative issues during the class, which will impact the quality of the session. In other cases, there could unavailability of customer service during class hours. Both of these situations lead to wastage of time.

Hence, you should always choose a dance studio with dedicated personnel for administration and customer service. It ensures that you get uninterrupted learning and immediate assistance.

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