How the Right Baby Bottle Helps Reduce Colic

Yes, all babies cry. But if your baby cries even when everything seems to be in order (diapers, feeding, sleep schedule, etc) then it might be a case of colic.

Colic is unstoppable crying in infants (from two weeks to a few months). It is usually harmless. But the non-stop crying can signal that your child is extremely uncomfortable. The baby’s incessant crying can also be stressful for the parents. One way to reduce instances of colic in babies is to feed them from anti colic baby bottles.

The Right Baby Bottle to Reduce Colic

Colic is defined by uncontrollable crying for a minimum of three hours every day or for at least three days in a row. Causes of colic are not really known. But indigestion does play a role in it.

A baby’s digestive system is evolving and consuming milk or formula may cause gas. It can then lead to your baby feeling pain in the tummy; causing the crying bouts. Indigestion can make babies feel very uncomfortable and they may cry because of it.

One way to reduce colic is to use the right feeding bottle. There are anti-colic baby bottles available in the market. Using such a bottle will help to reduce instances of colic in your child. When buying an anti-colic baby bottle, it is important to select one with the right features. It is the different features that make a bottle effective against colic.

Features –

Anti-colic baby bottles are designed with features such as silicone nipples, air vents, and easier to hold designs.

The silicone nipple is easy for the babies to latch onto and helps them feed comfortably. Some companies make the nipples with different kinds of flows such as slow, medium, fast, and even sippy spout. You can choose one as per your requirements.

The air vents at the bottom of the bottle help to remove excess air in the milk that can enter into the baby’s tummy and cause pain. The vent helps to separate the air from the milk and help it smoothly go through the nipple. Burping your baby after every meal helps clear the air from the tummy. But often this cautionary step is not enough to remove all the air from the tummy that your baby has swallowed during the mealtimes. The air vents in the anti-colic baby bottles are really effective in the maximum amount of air from the food.

You can even find bottles in the market with a blender fitted insides the bottle. As opposed to shaking the bottle to mix the formula, it is better to blend it. Shaking the formula creates air bubbles, which cause gas inside the tummy. When you blend the food, your baby is less likely to swallow air while feeding. By blending the food, you reduce the chances of air bubbles in it.

You can, of course, blend the food in a separate mixer and then put it inside the bottle. But blending the food inside the bottle is not only convenient; it also saves time and reduces food wastage. Imagine having to scoop all the formula from a blender and putting it inside the bottle. Then you need to clean the blender too.

You can even blend breast milk in the bottle. If you need to use the stored breast milk, the separated layers of fat and the liquid can create problems while feeding. Instead, you can feed it via an anti-colic bottle with blenders inside it. Not every anti-colic baby bottles come with a blender. Such bottles may come with vent systems but not with the blender.

Buying the Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

You can buy anti-colic bottles made from completely safe materials. Bottles that are PVC-free, BPA-free, and free of phthalates are safer choices for babies.

If you are looking for the best baby bottles with blenders inside it then ensure that it comes with an easy-to-charge option and real-time indicator for the battery’s charge. Choose a bottle that can blend all kinds of cereals and formulas that you wish to feed your baby.

By simply changing the ordinary feeding bottle to an anti-colic one; you can reduce instances of colic in your baby.