How Do Anti Colic Baby Bottles Work?

Colic is a big problem in infants and babies. The incessant crying for hours and days – referred to as colic – can be distressing for babies. But it can also be stressful for parents. The most probable cause of colic is tummy discomfort due to gases or undigested food. You can simply avoid it by using the best anti colic bottles available in the market today.

Anti-Colic Features in Baby Bottles

There are two factors to consider for reducing the instances of colic in babies. First, the food needs to be blended to perfection. Second, the amount of air bubbles in the food needs to be minimal.

Blended food is digested well and it also contains fewer air bubbles – but only if blended using an anti-colic baby bottle. The usual kitchen blenders or manual blending using a spatula are not ideal for removing air bubbles from baby food. In fact, these methods can create more air bubbles in the blended food.

Anti-colic bottles come with a blender inside the bottle itself. But the best anti-colic bottles also feature vents to remove most of the extra air inside the bottle and the food. The vents also help in the smoother flow of the food through the bottle’s nipples. These bottles are able to remove up to 60-70% of air bubbles from the food.

The blender is perfect for mixing baby food smoothly and in the right consistency. It also mixes the food in seconds. So, you can blend the food just when you need to feed your baby. If you keep blended food for too long without consuming, lumps can form inside it. Lumps can cause digestive issues in babies and cause colic. The cyclone swirls of the blender bottle are ideal for removing most air bubbles from the food even while blending the food to perfection.

So, the best anti-colic bottles work well to reduce the chances of colic in babies with these useful features. You need to simply put the food inside the bottle, blend it by pressing the switch on, and watch the food becoming ready for your baby within seconds.

Inducing a burp in babies after each feed is a practice to remove the air from inside their tummies. But oftentimes; babies also spit food with their burps. So, out goes some of the nutrients you just fed your kid! At times babies do no burp at all. You can bypass these hassles and simply use an anti-colic bottle.

Other Features

Yes, anti-colic bottles also need to be convenient to use. Such bottles need to also be safe for the babies.

The best anti-colic bottles are made from non-toxic materials. So, make sure to buy only those bottles that are free from toxic substances such as PVC, phthalates, and BPA.

The best anti-colic bottles are designed to offer a comfortable grip. Older babies can hold the bottle comfortably.

The nipples in these bottles are shaped exactly as a woman’s breast. It helps the babies to latch onto the breasts easily. If your baby needs to transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, then anti-colic bottles with silicone nipples can be helpful.

The nipples are available to purchase as separate attachments. So, you can buy nipples with a flow speed as per your baby’s needs – be it slow flow, medium flow, or even sippy cup. The right nipple level helps your baby to feed with the speed that is conducive to prevent colic. Feeding too fast can cause your baby to ingest air, which can cause tummy discomfort.

You can also buy these bottles in different sizes.

Anti-colic bottles are lightweight and portable. The bottles come with USB port for recharging purposes. You can check the level of the remaining battery with the help of the indicator on the bottle. These features make it easy to use the anti-colic bottle even when you are on the move with your baby. You won’t need to compromise on your child’s well-being just because the anti-colic bottle is too bulky to carry or if its battery has just depleted.

Using the best anti-colic bottles is not just right for the babies; it is also easy and convenient to use for the parents.