Four Tips to Find the Best Baby Bottles to Prevent Gas

Are you a parent tired of your baby crying with colic? Do no desperate measures seem to help in preventing colic? Are you a new mom puzzled with how to prevent colic for your baby? Well, there is a piece of good news for you.

Infants cry incessantly during the evenings and after feeding due to colic. No amount of pacifying or other means seem to control their pain at most times. Patting on the back till they burp is one common way that is a tried and tested method to prevent colic. But how would that be if we could eliminate the gas entry into their tiny stomachs on the whole? It is possible through baby bottles designed for preventing gas.

Today, there are bottles available for preventing the entry of gas into a baby’s stomach. Popularly called anti-colic bottles for babies, these are the best baby bottles to prevent gas.

Why baby bottles for preventing gas?

Gas is one main culprit that causes gas formation in babies’ stomachs. Gas can find its way into the baby’s tummy while feeding – either through breast feeding or bottle feeding. This can want to find its way out of the baby’s stomach afterward. Thus, it causes indigestion or burpee baby that feels like bringing out the milk from the mouth. Colic, one kind of pain found in babies, is mainly due to this gas.

One easy method to prevent gas in babies is by using baby bottles. Best baby bottles to prevent gas come with many features. They are easy to hold and colorful to look for babies. They contain specially designed vents that suck the gas away from entering the baby’s stomach. These bottles also have mixers and run-on battery. Besides helping in the elimination of gas, they also mix the baby’s feed uniformly.

There are various brands of baby bottles for gas available in the market. It can be overwhelming for parents to choose the best one from among these. Here are some tips that help you easily choose baby bottles for colic.

Tip1 : Study and compare various brands

To choose the best of the baby bottles from the ones available, list all the brands. Note down their pros and cons. For example, price, size, designs, holding and grip, lifetime, number of cycles of use, etc. Compare all the attributes and then pick one that gets the highest marks.

Tip 2: Seek pediatricians advice

Quality baby bottles that are in line with international health standards for babies find recommendations from pediatricians. They meet doctor’s quality standards and you could get information from them easily. You could also try for any brand’s pamphlets and brochures that are usually found in the children’s clinics too.

Tip 3: Try and test for yourself

Nothing can pass past the mother’s notice when it comes to her baby’s products. Try various brands available in the market. Test for their quality and suitability for your baby. Compare their features and working. Take opinions from other mothers and women who have used such bottles for their babies. You will get a clear view of what is working in that particular model and what is not. Some of their advice and experiences might come to your rescue when you face any problem with feeding the baby with the bottle or cleaning it.

Tip 4: Study reviews

Best baby bottles come with many baby and mother-friendly features. They are easy to clean and maintain. They come with provisions like mixers, vents, and are made of toxin-free material. User reviews will help you understand such properties of a bottle. Check for such complaints or positive feedback related to bottle breakages, leakages, and comfort of use. Besides online reviews, go through the brand’s website and study testimonials too.


Baby bottles that prevent colic are the easiest way to prevent the entry of gas into your baby’s stomach. To choose from many brands available in the market, all that you need to do is make good research and compare their features. The latest baby bottles come with 360- degree features that help both mother and baby. Taking the advice of doctors and other mothers is one wise idea to choose a baby bottle with ease.