Choosing the Baby Bottles for Colic and Reflux

Every parent knows the painful times brought on by colic and reflux. Colic is the incessant crying of babies for days on end. It is understood to be caused by intestinal gases. Reflux refers to indigestion and discomfort due to excessive acid in the stomach. These problems occur when food is not digested properly. Even infants and babies can experience these problems. You can reduce the chances of your baby suffering from reflux or gases by choosing the right feeding bottle.

The best bottles for colic and reflux are the ones that come with a blender.

The Need for Special Feeding Bottles

The best baby bottles with blenders are the best choice if you want to reduce the risks of colic and reflux in your baby.

The blender helps make the food smoother without filling it with air bubbles. Such bottles also have air vents, which help to remove any remaining air from the food. When you feed your baby such blended food, you can considerably lower the chances of him or her having digestive problems.

Blending food so perfectly isn’t possible with your kitchen blender. You cannot also use mix it very well with a spatula without creating air bubbles inside the food.

You can use special feeding bottles with blender for formula, milk, breast milk, and cereal. Why breast milk, you may wonder. When you store breast milk, it separates into layers. The fat inside it settles on the top. It is not fit to feed the baby without mixing it well. When you use a spoon to mix it or shake it inside the feeding bottle; you risk filling it with air bubbles. Instead; you can simply use a blender bottle to mix the stored breast milk well.

Buying the Best Bottles for Colic and Reflux

When buying bottles with blenders, you need to consider several important factors.

Material –

First of all, check the material of the bottle. It should be non-toxic. So, look for labels such as phthalate-free, BPA-free, and PVC-free.

Blender –

Next, check for the quality of the blender. The blender must be powerful enough to mix the food thoroughly and quickly. The swirling action of the blender is ideal as it creates only minimal air bubbles. The blended baby food should be a smooth and easy flow from the nipples.

Air vents –

The best baby bottles for colic and reflux will also have air vents incorporated into their designs. These air vents remove most of the air bubbles remaining inside the blended food. The vents also help in the smooth flow of the food from the nipples. The fewer air bubbles inside the food; the easier it will be for your baby to digest it.

Nipples –

You will also need to pay attention to the nipple flow. If the flow is too fast for your baby then there is a risk of him or her experiencing acid reflux. Blender bottles come with different nipple flows. So, you can choose one as per your child’s age.

The nipples are available to buy separately from the bottles. Slow flow is perfect for infants. From three months onward; medium flow should be fine. For babies six months or older; fast flow should be sufficient. You can also buy a sippy spout to replace the nipple on the bottle.

Silicone nipples are the best for baby bottles. It helps the babies to properly latch onto the nipple. When choosing a bottle, ensure that the shape of the nipple is as close to the actual shape of a woman’s breasts. If you have been breastfeeding your child before switching to the feeding bottle then the right nipple will also help your baby easily move onto using the bottle.

Size –

Choose the size of the bottle as per the feeding requirement of your baby.

Handles –

Blender bottles are designed in a way so that babies can grip one easily. But you can also buy separate handles as your baby grows. Handles are especially useful if you convert the bottle into a sippy cup. You can shift the handles up and down for an easier grip.