Baby Bottle Maker – Some Important Features and Advantages

Parenting is not easy. Anything that can make the life of parents easier can be a welcome step. Using a baby bottle maker can be extremely helpful for you in many ways.

But first, what exactly is a baby bottle maker?

About Baby Bottle Maker

Baby bottle maker is a device to blend your baby’s food easily and on the go. It is a blender plus bottle in one easy-to-use system. It is, essentially, the simplest and easiest way to mix your baby’s food.

It helps to blend the formula or cereal in a way, which reduces the instances of colic in babies. It is a portable system that you can use anytime and anywhere.

Features –

The baby bottle maker consists of a blender inside a bottle. You can put the food inside and blend it to make it more palatable for your baby. Blended food is easier to digest for babies.

An air vent at the bottom of the bottle is integrated into its design; making it perfect to reduce instances of colic in infants.

Colic is non-stop crying in babies for hours or days on end. Its cause is unknown. But it is understood to be caused by abdomen pain or discomfort caused by intestinal gases. By blending the food properly and removing the air bubbles from inside it; you can protect your baby from colic considerably.

When babies eat food with minimal or no air bubbles; they will also spit their food less. Oftentimes, undigested food can cause vomiting in babies. It can also cause stomach pain. Infant can spit their food out if you try to burp them excessively after each feed.

Baby bottle maker comes with USB-rechargeable batteries for ease and comfort of the user.

When buying –

• When buying a baby bottle maker; look for brands that make these products with non-toxic materials. The bottles must be free from PVC, BPA, and phthalates.

• The bottle must be easy to hold. Your baby should be able to grip it comfortably as his or her motor skills develop. Some brands also sell handles for the baby bottle maker separately. So, you can buy them if needed. Handles that can slide up and down can be helpful as you can adjust them as per your baby’s requirements.

• Look if the bottles come equipped with easy-to-latch silicone nipples. Quality brands ensure that the shape of the nipple closely resembles that of a woman’s natural breast shape.

• You can also choose bottle nipples with different kinds of flows. When buying a bottle maker, choose one with options for nipples such as slow, medium, or fast flow. You can buy separate nipples as the need of your baby changes with his or her growth. Some bottles also come with the option to convert it into a sippy spout.

Benefits –

• The biggest benefit of using a baby bottle maker is the reduced instances of colic in babies. The blender mixes the food really well; ensuring as little air as possible mixes with the food. The air vent takes care of whatever little air remains inside the mixed food.

• Baby bottle maker is also perfect to blend stored breast milk. When breast milk is stored, it separates into different layers after a while. The separated fat layers can rise to the top and make the breast milk really unpalatable for babies. But now you can blend breast milk, formula, and cereals for your baby easily using the baby bottle maker.

• A baby bottle maker is extremely easy to use. It is a non-fuss system, which parents can use at home and on the go. You just need to place the food inside it and push the button to start the blender. That’s it – your baby’s food is ready in a jiffy.

• Using a baby bottle maker is also convenient. It is easy to clean. Using one also helps you to do away with the need to use a separate blender or food mixer. So, you won’t need to clean the bottle as well as the blender. You can save precious time by using the revolutionary baby bottle maker.